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  3. 1x06 “Vitamin D”

    After having had to bear April in the previous chapter, this one appears to be much more fun. The Glee club is preparing for the Sectionals and for the sake of training, Will decides to do a mash-up competition between boys and girls. In order to destroy the glee club, Sue takes a step further and centers in Will’s private life, using the flirting between Will and Emma to speak with Terri which will make her work as a school nurse. When she’s hired all sort of trouble pop out: Ken Tanaka proposes to Emma, the boy start taking vitamines which makes them be in a permanent state of activity. The boys’ performance is a mix between “It’s my life” and “Confessions” and the girls: “Walking on Sunshine” and “Halo” which sadly ends in no contest as Rachel and Finn confess having cheated, the boys will be punished with Sue Sylvester being made the future co-direct of the gleeand that’s what you missed on glee!

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  10. 1x05

    Before Rachel left New Directions in her search of acknoledgment as the star of the choir, Will must find the way to be at the level of the invitationals. Unfortunately he finds April Rhodes, member of his glee club during high school, who is nothing but a frustrated alcoholic. She wins the boys in the worst way she can, such as turning Kurt into a drunkward and Tina and Mercedes in masters of petty larceny until Emma decides to interfere. Without having found out that Puck is the real father, Finn is worried by his girlfriend’s pregnancy and decides to center himself in his musical evolution for which he soughts Rachel’s help in a intimate meeting. With the chemistry between them increasing, Rachel decides to return to the glee club until she knows that Quinn is pregnant and forsakes the club again despite Finn’s alegations that the kiss between them was honest. Due to April’s fault the invitationals are in danger, but thanks to Rachel they’ll perform a spot-on group version of “Somebody to love”

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  14. 1x04 “Preggers”
    In this chapter Kurt surprises us by leaving behind his shy aspect showing everyone how his true character is. He opens the chapter nailing an amazing choreography to the rhythm of Beyonce with Brittany and Tina, and he keeps his new attitude until he gathers the football team to show them that dancing knows no genders. On the other hand it follows a somewhat more boring subplot in which Terri fakes her pregnancy and Quinn hides it. Meanwhile Emma starts a relationship with Ken to make Will jealous who is still busy with the glee club now that it is in dire straits: Sue Sylvester has been hired in the local newspaper and will meet with Sandy to try, as she repeteadly says, “Destroy the Glee club”. Pressuring Principal Figgins they arrange an audition of Cabaret with a song to choose of Celine Dion, what makes Rachel sing Taking Chances and forget the glee club.

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